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As Chair of High Bank Governors I congratulate you on the choice of school that you have made for your child.

High Bank is a very successful school that provides that personal touch we would all choose for our children. 

The  teachers, ancillary staff and members of the Governing Body all share a common goal which is to  ensure that your child has access to the greatest opportunities to do well . That is why we provide a rich and fun experience across a whole range of developmental areas.

Academic achievement is central to each child’s school experience yet here in High Bank we choose to look beyond this to the whole person.  Success comes in many guises and we work hard to ensure all High Bank children experience this.

Your child’s progress depends on a strong partnership, a partnership between yourselves and school. W e look forward to working with you in achieving this.   

Graeme Sunderland 

Chair of Governors

High Bank J, I & N School