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Year Four

Year 4 - Key Stage 2

Mrs Meek

The school year has begun and in Year 4 we have already been working hard and have had lots of fun too!

Here are some ways in which you could help your child to learn at home:

PE and Swimming: Children must remember to bring PE kits at the start of each half term and keep them in school; otherwise they miss out on the activities.

Spelling tests: Within class we will look at spelling strategies and have time to practice our spellings. However, it is always good to practice them at home with a parent or sibling.

Homework: Your child will receive a half termly Homework Menu. Children will receive their Homework Menu at the start of each half term and will be asked to complete 3 tasks: one starter, one main and one dessert by the end of the half term. Please bring your homework into school once it is completed for us to display for everyone to see. If homework is not completed your child will be expected to complete a homework challenge during a break or lunch time.

Reading: Please make sure you read with your child regularly and sign their reading records to say that they have read. Children in Year 4 are now focusing on comprehension skills as well as reading strategies. When you read with your child ask lots of questions about what they have read and what they understand about the events, characters, plots and inferred meaning. If you need advice upon the questions to ask please feel free to discuss this with myself. Your child will also need to bring their reading book to school each day.

Maths: There is a lot to learn this year in maths including mental and written methods, shapes and measures, data handling and statics. Keeps your child’s mind sharp with quick questions using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division sums. I regularly ask mathematical questions when we have a free minute to keep everyone on their toes.

English: This year we will share many different texts across a wide range of genres. Your child will develop their spelling, punctuation and grammar skills through interesting and challenging activities. I have already spotted that the class is full of amazing writers and I can’t wait to put their work up on display.

You will receive a curriculum map each half term which will tell you what we are learning. Please help your children at home by discussing work done in school and sharing your own knowledge on the topics we are covering.

If you have any questions or wish to know of additional ways to help your child to learn at home, please do contact me, I will be very willing to help.