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Phase 4

By Phase 4 children will be able to represent each of 42 phonemes with a grapheme.  They will blend phonemes to read CCVC and CVCC words and segment these words for spelling.  They will also be able to read two syllable words that are simple.  They will be able to read all the tricky words learnt so far and will be able to spell some of them.

This phase consolidates all the children have learnt in the previous phases.

Tricky words introduced in Phase 4:

  • said
  • so she
  • he
  • have
  • like
  • some
  • come
  • were
  • there
  • little
  • one
  • they
  • all
  • are
  • do
  • when
  • out
  • what
  • my
  • her

By this point children would be expected to be reading CVC words at speed along with the tricky words from the previous phases.  It is important that children are taught that blending is only used when a word is unfamiliar.